It's been a successful week after challenges on the courts for the Ely tennis club, 10ish Academy.

On Saturday, April 27, the Under 16 boys team - Isaac, Alex, James and Jeremy - took to their home court to deliver a "commanding performances" against St Neots.

They clinched a 6-0 victory and "set the tone" for a promising season full of success ahead.

There were mixed outcomes on Sunday, April 28 for the 10ish Academy.

The Ladies First team secured a win after their opposition were unable to field a team.

However, the Men's First and Second team both had their matches postponed due to inclement weather - a reminder of the unpredictable nature of outdoor sports.

The Ladies Second team faced a tough challenge on the courts in Peterborough, where they sadly fell short at the score line.

However, their performance was a "testament to their determination and spirit."

Three of the four ladies embarked on their tennis endeavours a year ago, and two of them stepped up to the competitive stage for the first time at Peterborough.

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A spokesperson for the 10ish Academy said: "As the club reflects on the weekend's events, there's much to celebrate and learn from.

"From dominant victories to valiant efforts in the face of adversity, each match offers valuable lessons and opportunities for growth.

"As the season progresses, one thing remains certain: the spirit of competition and camaraderie at 10is Academy will continue to drive the club forward, uniting players of all levels in their shared love for the game."