The Ely beaver scouts are hiking Thetford Forest in search of the Gruffalo to raise funds for Cambridge Search & Rescue (CamSAR).

Their hike coincides with TrailJam, an event where Scouts across the world hike in May. 

The Beaver Scouts of Ely decided to fundraise for Cambridge Search and Rescue following a recent visit by the charity. 

Cambridge Search and Rescue are a specialist volunteer team, called in by the police, to aid them in searches for vulnerable people that go missing.

They dedicate a lot of their free time to training for different situations, when not engaging in searches. 

Caoimhin O Coileáin said: "It's going to be a great day, events like these really make it clear to me what I get from volunteering, supporting the young people and local charities at the same time."

Wayne Bent from CamSAR added: "We really enjoyed our visit to the Beavers and it was a step back in time for me, to when I was a cub over 40 years ago.

"Even today, I still use some of those skills as a search Manager within CamSAR to save lives. Good luck to the beavers on their hike."

The Scouts are always on the lookout for more volunteers to join them and enjoy wonderful and engaging events like this.

Donations for the event can be made via the group's crowdfunding page.