A wine snob might describe the taste of natural CBD oil as “exquisite notes of earthiness, reminiscent of freshly cut grass after a summer rain” and take notice of the “hints of pine and dried herbs” that follow.

Not everyone enjoys the natural taste of premium cannabidiol, though. If you’re looking for a practical, portable, and tasty way to enjoy CBD, CBD gummies are probably a better choice.

Thanks to the growing CBD industry in the UK, CBD gummies aren’t hard to find. Unfortunately, they’re not all great. Check out this guide to find CBD gummies worth your time!

Some of the best CBD gummies to try are:

1. Blessed CBD

Blessed CBD is an unmissable name in the UK’s homegrown CBD industry, primarily because this brand merges its passion for excellence with a commitment to competitive pricing.

Ely Standard:

Blessed CBD at a Glance

Blessed CBD sources its organic hemp from farmers in the European Union and Colorado (USA) who don’t use pesticides or herbicides. It uses advanced supercritical CO2 extraction processes for clean CBD free from contaminants, with hemp oil as its carrier oil of choice.

The UK brand has become a go-to choice for people looking for CBD hemp products that are certified vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. Consumers who want to verify the products’ potency can simply click on the third-party lab reports for further info.

Blessed CBD’s impressive product range includes broad-spectrum CBD oil, vapes and vape liquids, capsules, CBD cream, and CBD gummies. Their products have been featured in trusted publications like Forbes and Reader’s Digest and earned industry experts’ seal of approval.

Why Choose Blessed CBD’s CBD Gummies?

  • Blessed CBD’s packs of CBD sweets have a total CBD content of 750 mg (25 mg per gummy and 30 servings).
  • Blessed CBD gummies have tasty tropical flavours (watermelon, lemon, apple, and mango).
  • This brand makes delicious CBD gummies with terpenes and flavonoids.
  • Blessed CBD’s packaging is super sturdy and practical.

2. Vibes CBD

Vibes CBD is another UK CBD brand to follow closely. As a new player in the UK market, Vibes CBD offers a select range of high-quality CBD products at affordable prices.

Vibes CBD at a Glance

Vibes CBD is a small company passionate about organic and sustainable farming — they’re all about returning to nature, which we’re fully on board with. This brand’s hemp plants come from organic farmers in Colorado, and the brand is committed to clean extraction techniques for a premium product.

Vibes CBD makes CBD capsules and potent natural CBD oils as well as CBD gummies.

Why Choose Vibes CBD’s CBD Gummies?

  • The dose of CBD in Vibes CBD gummies is 25 mg per gummy. They’re made with CBD isolate and are guaranteed to be THC-free.
  • We love the sleek tin these CBD gummies are packaged in! The quality packaging makes Vibes CBD gummies more portable and adds a luxurious feel.
  • The fruit flavours Vibes CBD uses are delicious. The company only uses natural ingredients in its vegan CBD gummies.

3. Zen Bears

Zen Bears is a new company that’s already made a big impact. It only makes one thing — tasty, potent CBD gummy bears. That might disappoint consumers eager to test out everything the world of cannabidiol has on offer. Still, it makes things simple for people who only want gummies.

Zen Bears’ CBD gummies:

  • Are lovingly manufactured with organic and sustainably-grown hemp.
  • Incorporate 20 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per gummy.
  • Are THC-free.
  • Look fun and tastes awesome.
  • Are vegan.
  • Come in recyclable glass jars.

4. Love Hemp

Love Hemp was founded in Croydon in 2015 and has become a household name. If you’ve already heard of this UK CBD brand, it’s because Love Hemp is everywhere!

Love Hemp at a Glance

Love Hemp’s reputation is well-earned. This company uses premium organic hemp extracts without any THC and offers third-party lab testing for all its products. Its exciting options include CBD oils, CBD capsules, and CBD-infused skincare products.

Most UK CBD companies are online retailers, but you can find Love Hemp’s CBD products at shops like Boots and Tesco.

Why Choose Love Hemp’s CBD Gummies?

  • Love Hemp allows consumers to pick from various concentrations — its gummies can have 5, 10, or 20 mg of CBD each. The lowest dose is perfect for beginners!
  • Love Hemp’s Jelly Domes have tantalising fruity flavours — strawberry, blackcurrant, and orange.
  • The company’s CBD gummies are vegan-friendly.
  • Love Hemp makes a small 50 mg package with 10 CBD gummies, perfect for on the road.

5. Nutra7

A team of professionals passionate about natural health and food supplements founded Nutra7. This brand makes tasty multivitamins and CBD gummies and takes a transparent approach to “nutraceuticals” — natural pharmaceuticals that make a nutritional difference.

Nutra7’s CBD gummies:

  • Are made with pure CBD isolate — no THC!
  • Were designed by a multi-expert team that includes nutritionists.
  • Uses MCT oil for a healthy digestive system.
  • Are nearly sugar-free and have natural flavours.
  • Have extra vitamins.

Why Is CBD So Popular?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become popular in a wide range of food supplements in recent years. This cannabinoid usually comes from hemp plants, a variety of the cannabis plant low in the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

While it won’t get you high, CBD does interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system — which influences your mood and memory and helps you deal with inflammation and pain, although more research needs to be done in this area. Many CBD users are curious if CBD can help them support their health and wellness for this reason.

Plenty of fascinating studies will help you dive down this rabbit hole. Meanwhile, UK CBD users should remember that CBD companies can’t make any health claims about the benefits of CBD — so if you have any questions about cannabidiol products and other hemp extracts, talk to your healthcare professional.

CBD is generally well-tolerated, but some users experience side effects. Drowsiness is the most common side effect. To use CBD products safely, first-time CBD users should start with a low daily dose of CBD and increase it over time, as desired.

Is CBD Legal in the UK?

CBD products are considered novel foods. Legally available CBD products never have more than 0.02 percent THC. They can’t get you high and aren’t controlled substances.

CBD gummies and other cannabidiol products manufactured in accordance with Food Standards Agency regulations are legal to buy in the UK.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Gummies?

Gummies or sweets are popular for all the obvious reasons:

  • Many CBD users consider gummies the tastiest way to consume cannabidiol.
  • CBD gummies are portable and convenient.
  • Gummies are predosed, so you don’t need to mess around with droppers or scales.

However, CBD gummies also have a minor disadvantage. Like other CBD edibles, gummies have to pass through the digestive system. Some CBD is lost during this process, and the effect also takes a little longer to kick in compared to CBD vapes or CBD oil tinctures used under the tongue.

If you’re OK with that, delicious CBD gummies are an excellent way to incorporate cannabidiol into your wellness routine.

What Should You Look for When Shopping for Natural CBD Gummies UK?

Shopping for CBD gummies is a little more involved than buying normal sweets.

You’ll want to consider:

  • Where the hemp extract comes from, and what extraction methods the brand uses.
  • The amount of CBD per gummy.
  • The form of CBD you’re getting. Natural CBD gummies may be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD products have a range of terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, and phytocannabinoids. They have a THC content of 0.02 per cent or less. Broad-spectrum CBD is virtually THC-free, while CBD isolate contains no other cannabinoids. 
  • Whether the CBD brand had its CBD gummies third-party lab tested, allowing users to verify its quality.

That’s pretty much it as far as the CBD portion goes, but if you’re hoping to buy CBD edibles, you may also want to evaluate:

  • The taste. Natural CBD gummies flavoured with high-quality fruit extracts or herbal flavours are generally better than those made with artificial flavours. (Customer reviews can often tell you more about the flavour.)
  • Whether the CBD gummies are vegan-friendly and gluten-free, if you have special dietary requirements.
  • The shape and texture of the gummies.
  • The quality of the packaging.

We looked at all of these crucial factors to bring you some of the highest quality natural CBD gummies available in the UK — allowing you to skip the research and move straight onto the gummies.

Choosing the Best CBD Gummies

We hope this guide to the best CBD gummies on the UK market empowers you to buy CBD gummies with confidence!

Not all CBD gummies meet our high standards — but these five brands passed our tests and earned our trust. They use quality organic hemp, safely-extracted CBD, and make satisfying your sweet tooth a whole lot more relaxing!

DISCLAIMER: NutraHolistics, a trusted online provider of health supplements, has compiled this guide. Over a one year period, a comprehensive study was performed on over 20 unique CBD gummies. The study drew on the experiences of 10 participants, each with unique health needs, resulting in a diverse array of feedback. Nathalia Hoedjes, a lifestyle consultant, oversaw the entire process. During this study, each participant sampled a multitude of CBD gummies products and logged their experiences with each. When a particular product showed clear results, another sample was retested by a different participant with similar lifestyle objectives. The 'cream of the crop' were those products that consistently delivered good results across various tests. It's essential to note that NutraHolistics may receive a commission for products bought via this guide, either presently or in the future. If you have questions about CBD use, it is strongly recommended to seek advice from a medical professional.