Snap and share a photo of your Sunday lunch for a chance to win a meal for four people at Poets House in Ely.

Babylon Gallery’s young curator Nancy Mead is looking for images to be featured in her upcoming exhibition ‘A Matter of Taste’ which is coming to the gallery on October 5-29. 

The winner will be decided by gallery visitor votes. 

‘A Matter of Taste’ will explore the virtues and values of food through painting, photography and sculpture. 

Nancy is an Ely resident and has a background in fine art photography. 

“Images of food surround us. Food is not just a language used by artists and advertisers, it is used by the masses as a means of communication,” said Nancy. 

“Food can be used as an enticement, a unifier, and a means to celebrate and inspire. I aim to curate an art exhibition that explores how food defines us.” 

To enter, simply submit an aerial shot of your unique Sunday lunch (it does not have to be a traditional roast) with your contact information to: 

The deadline for submissions is September 15.