Ely Hereward Rotary Club is desperately looking for volunteers to sign up as the city prepares for its annual Aquafest. 

Aquafest takes place every summer in Ely and sees people from pubs, sports clubs, churches and schools build a raft and take part in a timed race to win trophies.

The event remains hugely popular with a full programme of entertainment, food and wide range of stalls attracting several thousand people during the course of the event. 

A spokesperson told Ely Standard: "It needs a lot of people to set it all up, keep it running smoothly and tidy it all up afterwards. 

"This has always been done by Rotary members, but Hereward Rotary club has recently lost a number of members and those of us left are older than in 2007."

They added: "We can't do this on our own. If you would be sorry to see Aquafest only half the size in future, could you spare a couple of hours of your time to help keep it going?"

Those wishing to volunteer should contact Janet Porter