Join the second-hand clothing revolution, says Sara Ford.

Ely Standard: Sara Ford writes about the second-hand clothes revolution.Sara Ford writes about the second-hand clothes revolution. (Image: Sara Ford)

One of the best things to come out of people being more eco-conscious is how great charity shops have become.

These places used to be dull, stuffy shops where nick-nacks went to die…

Now, they’re thriving places full of absolute gems at bargain prices.

One of my favourite things about this is that you can get high quality clothing at Primark prices.

So not only is it kind of your wallet but you’re also purchasing something that will last longer - saving the environment, and your own time too!

This way of clothes shopping has also just become a much more normal way of life for people who potentially wouldn’t have been keen before.

Thanks to apps like Vinted, the revolutionary clothes selling platform, it’s so much easier for people to buy and resell great quality clothing, at a fraction of it’s original price.

One step up from all of this, is a swish event! If you haven’t heard of this before then you are seriously missing out - but not to worry, consider this an invitation to your first ever Swish experience.

Next month FRESH. is hosting it’s yearly 'Spring Swish' which combines a great night out, independent market stalls, clearing out some of your pre-loved items and gaining a few new lovely pieces… FOR FREE!

Yep, at a swish you don’t actually pay for clothes - you bring up to five items of clothing that still have good life left in them, and in return you receive tokens (aka Swickets) to then ‘purchase’ other clothes.

Tickets are currently on sale for the event, which is happening from 7-10pm on April 27 at FRESH. on Broad Street. Donations start from £5, all of which will go towards the Royal Papworth Hospital.

So… clear out your wardrobe, get yourself some new glad rags, have a drink with friends AND raise money for an amazing cause. Sounds like a cracking night out to me.

Search ‘Spring Swish Ely 2024’ on Google to find all the information on Evenbrite. It will be lovely to see you there!

Ely Standard: Sara and Alice from FRESH. in Ely Sara and Alice from FRESH. in Ely (Image: Sara Ford)